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Class Administration

Guiding Principles | Mission | Classes Overview | Registration Information | Upcoming Classes

Classes in Science of Mind (SOM) give you what you need to expand your knowledge of spiritual principles and to gain practical spiritual tools for everyday use. In addition to learning about the Science of Mind philosophy and how to apply it, being in a class is one of the best ways to enter more deeply into our spiritual community. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know people from many different backgrounds.

Our teachers are experienced ministers and practitioners of Science of Mind who love to teach and share the power that these teachings have to change lives. Classes combine experiential exercises with explanation of the principles of SOM practice. The home study assignments are designed to inspire deeper understanding and love of spiritual principles and practical application.

Many classes have prayer pods or partnerships which help anchor students in loving support and transformative practice. Many lifelong friendships have begun in our classrooms. Come and join us as we explore and experience the transformation that Science of Mind can bring to every life!

Guiding Principles

In 2015, the CSL Education Committee integrated the former organizations’ guiding principles and core concepts into Centers for Spiritual Living Science of Mind Principles and Practices. These provide the foundation of our teaching and the basis of our education. All of the new courses developed will be grounded in one or more of these principles and practices as a way to provide continuity and consistency in CSL Education for our global community.

Mission Statement

The Spiritual Education Ministry at the Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living is dedicated and committed to providing an atmosphere that supports spiritual growth and transformation. As we tap into the unlimited potential of Spirit, lives are empowered and fulfilled in magnificent ways and life has new meaning. 

Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, began teaching classes in 1918, attracting thousands to his lectures and transforming lives through this teaching. Our Spiritual Education Ministry continues this rich tradition by offering a variety of classes and workshops designed to develop consciousness and support the journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Our goal is to provide a variety of classes and workshops that:

  1. Empower you by providing a foundation for living a life filled with confidence, ease, and harmony.
  2. Inspire you to live your life with passion, joy, and purpose.
  3. Enlighten you, lifting your consciousness to levels not yet experienced.

Classes Overview

Classes include certificated classes (accredited by the Centers for Spiritual Living) scheduled in such a way as to facilitate meeting the requirements of Professional Studies through Practitioner training. Additional classes, workshops, and book studies are provided for those who want to expand their consciousness and improve the quality of their lives in their own way and at their own pace.    

 Registration Information 


The Foundations class (or Beyond Limits class) is mandatory for all other certificated classes.  Classes may be taken in any order following Foundations; however, they may not be taken concurrently.  By enrolling in only one course at a time, the individual has the opportunity to study the material in depth and apply this new understanding to his/her daily life experiences – thus opening to embody the new concepts.

Professional requirements

Students who plan to enroll in Practitioner Studies Year I must have successfully completed a minimum of six certificated classes (156 hours) over a full two-year period and had all certificated classwork registered through the Centers for Spiritual Living Growth, Expansion and Ministerial Support Department. The following are the requirements:

The three mandatory courses are: 

  1. Foundations or Beyond Limits or The Spiritual Path (SOM) 101 plus Spiritual Mind Treatment (SOM Treatment and Meditation or Power of Your Word
  2. The Essential Ernest Holmes or Building a Healing Consciousness (SOM 103) plus Principles of Successful Living  (SOM 104)
  3. Exploring Roots or From Whence We Came

Three other elective classes are chosen from the following courses:

  1. The Edinburgh Lectures
  2. Creative Process in the Individual
  3. Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
  4. Power of Your Word
  5. Building a Healing Consciousness
  6. Meditation is More than You Think
  7. Practical Mysticism
  8. Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self

One course from the vast selection of all other certicated courses.

All students on the Practitioner track should consult with the adult education director or the registrar for help in planning out their course of study and to ensure that all the requirements have been met.

Eligibility to enter Practitioner studies

If more than five years have elapsed since receiving a certification of completion for an accredited class, that course must be retaken. No certificated course older than five years will be counted as meeting any requirements for entering Practitioner Studies.

Enrollment period

Class enrollment is limited to the first two weeks of class. The first class is vital to understanding the overall direction of the class, as well as to get to know class members.  If a circumstance requires you to miss the first class, please get special permission from the instructor to join the class in week two.


We offer several payment options for tuition - cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa.  Tuition may be paid all at once or in installments for the duration of the class.

Refund policy

Payment is required for all class sessions up until the time a student notifies the teacher of his/her intention to drop the class.  Refunds exclude the nonrefundable payment for student workbooks (usually $15 or $20, depending on the class).  Refunds are based on the number of classes presented up to the time of the drop notification.


Taking a class for noncredit means that you will not be registered as a student with Centers for Spiritual Living. If you need the class for credit at a later date (for example, if you wish to go on to take Practitioner studies), you will need to retake the class and pay full tuition.  Noncredit tuition is lower than for-credit tuition, due to registration costs from CSL Home Office.

Audit policy

If a student has successfully completed a course for credit in the past and wants to retake the course and have their date of completion updated with Centers for Spiritual Living, it is called an audit.  The fee for an audit is 50 percent of the noncredit tuition. Fees for class workbooks, materials, and text books must also be paid. Please see the registrar if you need to audit any course.


Students may miss one session without being assigned additional home study.  If you miss more than two sessions without special arrangements with the instructor, you will be dropped from the class.

A minimum of six students is usually required for a class.

Requirements to Enter Professional Practitioner Studies

People wishing to enroll in and begin Practitioner Studies need to take a minimum of six (6) certificated classes over two full years. As shown below, they must first take three required courses and then another three elective classes. Foundation level course work should be taken before any other certificated class.

Courses may not be taken concurrently so that the individual has the opportunity to study the material in depth and apply this new understanding to his/her daily life experiences thus opening to embody the new concepts.

The student who completes the Foundations course and other Spiritual Development Courses will have a comprehensive understanding of the Core Concepts of Science of Mind. She or he will be able to do Spiritual Mind Treatment for self and others, will know where the principles come from and will have explored healing and consciousness.


Choose one among the following courses as the prerequisite for the subsequent courses:

      • New Foundations of the Science of Mind; or
      • Beyond Limits; or 
      • The Spiritual Path (SOM 101) plux Spiritual Mind Treatment (SOM 102)

Choose one:

  • The Essential Ernest Holmes; or
  • Building a Healing Consciousness (SOM 103) and Principles of Successful Living (SOM 104)


Choose one:

  • Exploring Roots; or
  • From Whence We Came


Choose 3 among the following courses:

  1. The Edinburgh Lectures (SOM 207)
  2. Creative Process in the Individual (SOM 213)
  3. Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
  4. Power of Your Word
  5. Building a Healing Consciousness (SOM 103)
  6. Meditation is More than You Think
  7. Practical Mysticism
  8. Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self

One course from the vast selection of all other Certificated Course


  • Practitioner Studies Year I "Living the Principles"
  • Practitioner Studies Year II "The Life of the Professiona Practitioner

 Click here for more information about Science of Mind classes.




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Sun Feb 24 @10:30AM - 12:00PM
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Women's group
Sat Feb 16 @ 2:00PM - 03:30PM
The Morning Table
Sun Mar 03 @ 9:00AM - 09:45AM




Deepak Chopra's The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success starting
Tue Feb 12 @ 6:00PM - 08:00PM
Living the Science of Mind book study
Thu Feb 21 @10:00AM - 11:15AM